Photo Group

Started in lockdown in June 2020, the Photo Group has been a great success. No need for a fancy camera, just imagination and observation.

Any member is welcomed to join in by joining our Photo WhatsApp Group or posting them on the Saddleworth WI Members Facebook Page. The photos taken to date have been placed on the Gallery Page.

March 2021

There are three themes for March – First signs of Spring, Turquoise/Aquamarine and Marches/Marching.
Any number of photos in any order.

February 2021

There are three themes for February – Love, Water and Purple.
Any number of photos in any order.

January 2021

There are three themes for January – Winter, Shadows and Gold.
Any number of photos in any order.

December 2020

The theme for the whole of December is Christmas!

November 2020

The themes for November are:
w/c 2nd – Fire/Fireworks
w/c 9th – Remembrance
w/c 16th – Jobs
w/c 23rd – Dots/Dashes/Diagonals
w/c 30th – Scottish

October 2020

The themes for October are:
w/c 5th – Special Occasions
w/c 12th – Hats / Head Coverings
w/c 19th – Neon Signs
w/c 26th – Autumn

September 2020

The themes for September are:
w/c 7th – Back to School
w/c 14th – Yellow
w/c 21st – Opposites
w/c 28th – Animals

August 2020

The themes for August are:
w/c 3rd – Food
w/c 10th – Reflections
w/c 17th – Pairs
w/c 24th – Summer
w/c 31st – Transport

July 2020

July had weekly themes of Black & White, Curves, Purple, Glass and Flowers.

June 2020

For the first 26 days of June, every day, members took or posted a photo of something representing the letters of the alphabet in order – June 1st = A, June 2nd = B, June 3rd = C etc. This idea was borrowed from Weybridge WI (with their permission).