Photo Challenge – Shadows

Photo Challenge – Gold

Photo Challenge – Winter

Photo Challenge – Christmas

Photo Challenge – Scottish

Photo Challenge – Dots, Dashes and Diagonals

Photo Challenge – Jobs

Photo Challenge – Remembrance

Photo Challenge – Fire/Fireworks

Photo Challenge – Autumn

Photo Challenge – Neon Signs

Photo Challenge – Hats

11/11 Walking Challenge

Photo Challenge – Animals

Photo Challenge – Opposites

Photo Challenge – Yellow

Photo Challenge – Back to School

Photo Challenge – Transport

Photo Challenge – Summer

Photo Challenge – Pairs

Photo Challenge – Reflections

Photo Challenge – Food

Photo Challenge – Flowers

Photo Challenge – Glass

Photo Challenge – Purple

Photo Challenge – Curves

Photo Challenge – Black & White

Cakes of Kindness

Alphabet Challenge 26th June – Z

Alphabet Challenge 25th June – Y

Alphabet Challenge 24th June – X

Alphabet Challenge 23rd June – W

Alphabet Challenge 22nd June – V

Alphabet Challenge 21st June – U

Alphabet Challenge 20th June – T

Alphabet Challenge 19th June – S

Alphabet Challenge 18th June – R

Alphabet Challenge 17th June – Q

Alphabet Challenge 16th June – P

Alphabet Challenge 15th June – O

Alphabet Challenge 14th June – N

Alphabet Challenge 13th June – M

Alphabet Challenge 12th June – L

Alphabet Challenge 11th June – K

Alphabet Challenge 10th June – J

Alphabet Challenge 9th June – I

Alphabet Challenge 8th June – H

Alphabet Challenge 7th June – G

Alphabet Challenge 6th June – F

Alphabet Challenge 5th June – E

Alphabet Challenge 4th June – D

Alphabet Challenge 3rd June – C

Alphabet Challenge 2nd June – B

Alphabet Challenge 1st June – A

VE Day 75th Anniversary

Scrub making and other crafts

Walking Group – Lydgate, Lees Brook and Glodwick Lows March 2020

March 2020 meeting – Striking the Pose for International Women’s Day

Walking Group – Broadbottom walk February 2020

February 2020 meeting – Judith Barker, actor, and Resolutions presentation

Motown Night at Stocco restaurant and Oldham Coliseum Theatre

January 2020 meeting – Michelle Nye, owner of Chocolates & Truffles, Skipton

Walking Group – Christmas Lights walk

Saddleworth Round Table Santa Dash

December 2019 meeting – Christmas Party night and Robert Ellams, magician

Christmas Wreath making workshop

Lowry Theatre trip – The Red Shoes

Cake & Craft Group – Felted penguins

November meeting – Oldham Foodbank and TfGM

Remembrance Day 2019 at Pots & Pans

October 2019 meeting – Blood Bikers Alan Redfern and Tony Plant

Craft & Cake Group – Pom-pom wreath making

October – Colours Fashion Show at The White Hart

London Trip

Walking Group – Haworth

Lunch Group – various venues

Yanks Weekend Naafi Cafe

Walking Group Tandle Hill walk

Walking Group

The Great Get Together

Saddleworth Cookery School

Pottery Painting workshop at Jazzy Pipkins

First Aid workshop

Discover The Wild – Fungi foraging

Dobcross Murder Mystery Trail

Craft & Cake Group – Tomte making

Craft & Cake Group – Cheese making

Work by the Craft & Cake Group

June 2019 Meeting

May 2019 Meeting

April 2019 Meeting