Crafty Chat Group

Our venue is the Satellite Centre in Greenfield on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 7.00pm – 9.00pm. There is usually a small charge towards the cost of materials and/or venue hire.

Members can learn a new craft or bring along some work of their own and join in the chatter.

The Crafty Chat Group is available to Saddleworth WI members only.

For further information contact [email protected]

Life Long Learning has been a great success and hopefully we can apply again next year to repeat the experience.

Sometimes the pleasure in crafting is the doing and the sense of achievement of making something you’re proud of but we don’t always want to keep them. If that’s the case please hang on to them as we will be having a craft stall at the spring fair which you could donate your makes to.


The following months will be delivered by Life Long Learning and the activities are:
13th March – Exploding box
10th April -Bead bag charm
8th May -Paper quilling
12th June – Book folding
10th July -Flower arranging

Enrolment can take place on the night if not done previously and all sessions will require you to book on through the Whatsapp poll.


Floral arrangements

Macrame Planter

Quirky Bird Watercolour


Knitted heart pattern – CLICK HERE
Cross stitch Heart – CLICK HERE
Heart Template – CLICK HERE
Patchwork Heart – CLICK HERE
Green Heart Template Patchwork – CLICK HERE
Seeded Heart – CLICK HERE
Rag Rug Heart – CLICK HERE
Oriental Hanging Hearts CLICK HERE
Climate Coalition Green Hearts Craft page

Christmas Centrepiece Making


This project has been launched as The Suicide Prevention Community Project to help raise awareness of mental health and promote messages of hope. The bees are hidden in secret locations and the project encourages families to get outdoors looking for bees as a wellbeing activity. The bees have little messages of hope and link to a Facebook page where people can access help if they want to. 
The project is being endorsed by Anthea Turner and Lou Macari and is organised by a relative of one of our Craft Group. She wondered whether our members might like to get involved over the winter in knitting or crocheting bees. The deadline is the end of January. 

Link to Knitted Bee Pattern
Link to Crocheted Bee Pattern



Instructions and template for making the box adorned with quilling flowers


Some of the Craft Group’s fantastic button pictures!


The finished pillows have been delivered to Maggie’s Oldham. Maggie’s is a lovely calming and welcoming space, offering support for anyone who has been affected by cancer.

“A huge thank you to Judith, Susan, and all the members of Saddleworth W.I. for donating these fabulous handmade mastectomy pillows for our centre visitors”
Centre Head Trish


Once our knitters have finished their scarves for the homeless they might be interested in knitting Worry Monsters with scraps of wool to help anxious children.


Lancashire Federation Challenge:
Knit the SHROPSHIRE WAY – 160 miles

All scarves created will be donated to a charity to help homeless people in the region.

Picture shows two of the SWI knitters measuring our contribution – 15 scarves – 0.1 mile.


Equipment needed:
3 colours of wool – ideally yellow, white and red
Cardboard eg. flap of a box, cut to 8.5 x 12 cms
Round buttons for eyes
Glue to attach beak and eyes

Watch video here to see how it’s made.


Congratulations to everyone who produced such wonderful creations.

Equipment needed:
Coloured Paper (foldable) cut into circles of about 9 cm diameter, 6 circles per flower
A different coloured paper to fold to make the leaves
Glue stick
Possibly a Glue Gun to attach the flowers to the cardboard
Cardboard to make the backing for the wreath

Watch the video here if you wish to make a wreath.


Equipment needed:
yarn, a corresponding size crotchet hook, ie for thin yarn a 3.5 is adequate, for thicker yarn like double knit use a 4 or 5 size hook, plus scissors and a yarn needle.

Watch the video here

Bella Coco Crochet Classes
For anyone wishing to start learning crochet techniques Gill has recommended Bella Coco YouTube videos which are very easy to follow. There are 5 videos in the series and the links are below.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4 
Episode 5


Please send us your favourites.

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Tea Loaf

Portuguese Cataplana

Janet Saggerson’s Olive Oil Bread

Download the Frontline Hero Bear Free Crochet Pattern